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The film is studied in the contexts including Third Cinema and the militant image; and we would like to study these subjects actively, interventionally and conjuncturally.

The first meeting starts with the screening of The Panafrican Festival of Algiers (1969), the collective film directed William Klein. The ongoing discussion around this film occasions a fertile ground for starting our own study. The specificities of the film include the international and cooperative conditions of its production, as well as the historical moment the film captures: The uses and the articulation of culture in the struggle for social justice.

Artists Space
55 Walker Street
New York
NY 10013

15th March, 2017, 7pm
Free Entrance,
All Welcome

A monthly study group of African cinema, from the perspectives of its “internationalisms:” not only as a historical phenomenon, but as an active and urgent interventional force today.
The study group aims to pay particular attention to contemporary practices. We would like to enter into correspondence with the filmmakers, practitioners and scholars on the subject, in Africa and further afield.

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