In 2017, Radius Station gathers sonic interventions concerned with the position of the artist in the construction of history, and the role of the artist in political action. These interventions are considered from the study of the fictional trial of the late Nigerian poet Christopher Okigbo. Okigbo is put to trial in the Hereafter, for having confused universal heroism with parochial martyrdom. While Okigbo advocated the understanding of art as a practice that outplays boundaries, he nevertheless died on the battlefield in 1967, seeking to form a new state of Biafra, through cessation from the newly independent Nigerian state.
In the face of today's resurgence of socially destructive forms of nationalisms, what tasks await the artist and how can we contribute meaningfully to the crafting of more habitable futures?

Through music, conversations and correspondence, the weekly sessions of Radius proceed to formulate a programme of action, issued from a collaborative, discursive, polyrhythmic and transformal outlook on the concretisation of artistic motives into political habits.

Radius at LE CAP, Session of 27 July 2017

« François-Xavier Verschave :

un opposant de la Françafrique à Saint-Fons »

Discussion avec Marie-Thérèse Clot-Verschave,
François Crétollier et François Nagir (association Survie).


Radius at LE CAP, Session of 26 July 2017

« (In)hospitalités »
Discussion avec Simone Frangi, curateur et critique d’art italien, enseignant à l’école des beaux-arts de Grenoble.


Radius at LE CAP
, Session of 12 July 2017

« Les artistes : un besoin sociétal ? »
Discussion avec Cyrille Noirjean (URDLA, psychanalyste) et Cécilia De Varine (Hôpital Saint Jean de Dieu).


Radius at LE CAP, Session of 21 June 2017

« Là où l’on se trouve »
Discussion à propos du lieu-même et du centre d’art comme tiers-lieu, en compagnie de David Bartholoméo (artiste), Jean-Marie Claisse (programmeur, association Paillasse Saône), et Charlotte Rizzo (cofondatrice de La Myne, ingénieur environnement INSA et urbaniste).


Radius at CAC Bretigny
, Session of 21 March 2017

This week, Elsa M’Bala replays a previous recording of her musical engagements of Christopher Okigbo’s poetry. Beatrice Guilliers, research student at EHESS reads from The Trial of Christopher Okigbo. The session concludes with an extract of Roland Barthes lecture at the College de France, How To Live Together, Session of March 16, 1977; focusing on Barthes’s reading of “The Nun Who Feigned Madness”, a chapter from The Lausiac History, by Palladius.


Radius at CAC Bretigny
, Session of 24 March 2017

This week, Elsa M’Bala replays one of the previous compositions in conversation with the poems of Christopher Okigbo. In the exhibition space at CAC Bretigny, Marie Preston invites Nicolas Sidoroff to reflect upon the musical practices and its relation to popular education. The session ends with an introduction by curator Katrin Klingan on Now is the Time of Monsters. What Comes After Nation? This is a manifestation of art, theory and science at HKW in Berlin, co-curated by Dasgupta, Nanna Heidenreich and Katrin Klingan, about the histories, ambitions, failures and other futures of the concept of the nation.


Radius at CAC Bretigny, Session of 17 March 2017

This week, artist and musician Elsa M’Bala continues with her compositions. Curator Stéphanie Airaud reads the new French translation of Ali Mazrui’s The Trial of Christopher Okigbo. Art historian Soko Phay discusses her work with curator and artist Marie Preston. Phay’s research focuses on the erasure of evidences within the construction of memory of genocide and mass killings, in Rwanda and in Cambodia. In New York, writer Mary Wang reads the headlines of this week’s news of the Dutch elections, an event considered a global gauge of the state of right-wing populist nationalism.


Radius at CAC Bretigny
, Session of 10 March 2017

Elsa M’Bala continues with her musical compositions, in conversation with the poetry of Christopher Okigbo. Céline Poulin voices the weekly reading of the French translation in progress of Ali Mazrui’s Trial of Christopher Okigbo. The session features a radio story by Roopa Gogineni and her colleague Michael Onyiego, focusing on the racial divides in the American South. The tensions are highlighted by the issues of memory and representation: the refusal to take down a statue of a slave owner, and the blind adherence to the confederate flag.


Radius at CAC Bretigny
Session of 03 March 2017

This week, Elsa M’Bala continues with a new song, in conversation with the poetry of Christopher Okigbo. Marie Preston and Nicolas Sidoroff read the new extract of the weekly translated novel The Trial of Christopher Okigbo by Ali Mazrui. A studio conversation with Kabane Collective is hosted by Céline Poulin at CAC Bretigny, and an extract of the late scholar and critic Mark Fisher, recorded in his Vocalities course, at the Visual Cultures Department, Goldsmiths, University of London.


Radius at CAC Bretigny, Session of 24 February 2017

This week, from Yaoundé, Elsa M’Bala continues her new musical compositions in conversation with the poetry of Christopher Okigbo. In Paris, Mathieu Gillot reads an extract from Ali Mazrui’s The Trial Of Christopher Okigbo, translated weekly for this occasion; and linguist Myriam Suchet introduces heterolinguism, during the Study Day at CAC Bretigny on 4th February 2017.
In New York, Lewis Gordon suggests the idea of postmodern fascism as the condition of our present. This is an extract from a discussion of 22nd February 2017, held during Burning Issues in African Philosophy, an ongoing programme hosted at Columbia University. The speakers include Drucilla Cornell, Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Jane Gordon, Lewis Gordon and Olufemi Taiwo.


Radius at CAC Bretigny, Session of 17 February 2017

This week, Joëlle Lamoureux reads an extract of Ali Mazrui’s The Trial of Christopher Okigbo, translated for this occasion from French to English, philosopher Isaie Nzeyimana speaks about the difference between history and testimony, monuments and memory, and Elsa M’Bala presents a new lyrical poem which converses with Okigbo’s poetry.


Radius at CAC Bretigny, Session of 10 February 2017

In today’s session, Manon Pigent reads a French extract from The Trial of Christopher Okigbo, translated for the occasion. Following this, curators and artist Celine Poulin and Marie Preston introduce this exhibition through the Study Day, which took place last week on the 4th of February 2017 in Bretigny.
Writer Mary Wang, reflects on the Women's March which took place worldwide on 21 of January, focusing on New York where she lives.


Sunday At Radius
, 24 April 2016

With Noah Angell, in the context of Radius at Netwerk, Centre for Contemporary Art, Aalst, Belgium
21 April – 18 June 2016


On Sunday afternoon of 24 April 2016, Angell and Nyampeta host a live broadcast of gospel and country blues from the Southern United States recorded mostly during the post-industrial period of the 1960s onward. Angell and Nyampeta discuss the music's links to systems of labour, religion and politics as they existed in the American South at that time, and as they continue today.

Precious Memories – Margie Harmon, R.L. Harmon and Ottie “Coot “ Greene
It’s So Hard To Get Along – The Badgett Sisters
Joshua – The Gospel Jubilators
He’s Coming In Glory Someday – Clint Howard, Fred Price & Doc Watson
Wondrous Love – Horton Barker
When I’ve Done The Best I can, I want My Crown – Rev. Charlie Jackson
Death Is Comin Back After You – Rev. Rassie Moore
Poor Boy – John Lee Ziegler
Little Brown Jug – Theopolis Lacy Phillips
Bile The Cabbage Down – “Big Sweet” Lewis Hairston
Your Long Journey – Doc and Rosa Lee Watson
Awake, Awake – Dillard Chandler
After The War – James Son Thomas
Careless Love – Ella Mae Wilson and Richard Williams
Going Downtown – Joe and Odell Thompson
Lay Down My Old Guitar – Bashful Brother Oswald
Just Like A Tree Planted By The Water – Joseph “Chinaman” Johnson, W.D. “Alec” Alexander, Mack Maze, Arthur “Lightning” Sherrod, L.Z. Lee and Jesse Lee Warren
Railroad Bill – Turner Foddrell
Hoot Your Belly Give Your Backbone Ease – Jimmy Lee williams
Stand Back Pretty Girl – Theopolis Lacy Phillips
Out On The Farm – Elester Anderson
This Little Light of Mine – Ada Turner
Travelling shoes – The Badgett Sisters
When I Die – The Watson Family
If I Lose Let Me Lose – John Lee Ziegler
Early One Foggy Morning / Boogie – Robert Dennis
What Makes My Grandpa Love My Grandma So – Jimmy Lee Williams
Eve – Clarence Waddy
Johnson Boys – Theopholis Lacy Phillips
Buckdance – Algia Mae Hinton
Bow and Balance – Horton Barker
Juba – Lee Wallin
Pallet On The Floor – Mississippi John Hurt
I Feel No Ways Tired – The Badgett Sisters

Radius is a radio station with online programmes, occasional gatherings in temporary studios, exhibitions and publications. These activities take place in public institutions, in intimate circles of our homes, in transnational research groups and across other bodies and spaces that are not easy to describe. Radius was initiated in the context of See You In The Hague at Stroom Den Haag in 2014.


The programmes of Radius include:

New musical compositions by artist Elsa M'Bala

Listening sessions
by artist Noah Angell

Ask Dr Wang, an online programme by writer Mary Wang

, a circuitry and instrumentation by artist Tom Richards

Studio conversations
with guests including Binna Choi, Director of Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory; artist Joke Robaard and artist Igor Sevcuk

Musical performances, including the Analphabet Orkestra and De Pasjenten

Ongoing Conversations with thinkers, healers, philosophers and mystics

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